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​Involvement in cases

Existing investigations

Importers are able to be involved in existing or current dumping and/or countervailing investigations by providing submissions and completing questionnaires.

The Anti-Dumping Commission advises importers at the initiation of an investigation and requests information on relevant import transactions by requesting importers to complete a questionnaire. This information is required within 37 days of the commencement of the investigation.

Commission staff may also visit the premises of importers to undertake further investigations and verify the information provided.

Investigations with the importer are aimed at gathering information on the volume, costs and selling prices of imported product. Importers are given the opportunity to discuss the application and provide information relating to the Australian market.

Other investigations

Importers are able to lodge an application for the following investigations:

  • Duty assessment - Importers who have paid interim dumping duty or interim countervailing duty may apply for a full or partial refund of the duty paid.

  • Review of measures - If an interested party believes that one or more of the variable factors have changed in relation to the measures imposed on imported goods, an application may be made for a review. A review application may also seek revocation of the measure.

  • Exemption inquiry - Under some circumstances, interested parties (such as importers) may apply for an exemption from dumping or countervailing duties.


Further information

The following links provide further information on the anti-dumping process:


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