ADC 452

Anti-Circumvention Inquiry

Steel Reinforcing Bar exported from Korea

Goods Covered by the Investigation

Hot-rolled deformed steel reinforcing bar whether or not in coil form, commonly identified as rebar or debar, in various diameters up to and including 50 millimetres, containing indentations, ribs, grooves or other deformations produced during the rolling process.

The goods covered by this application include all steel reinforcing bar meeting the above description of the goods regardless of the particular grade or alloy content or coating.

Goods excluded from this application are plain round bar, stainless steel and reinforcing mesh.

Case information
Case type
Anti-Circumvention Inquiry
Initiation date
20 November 2017
OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Tariff classification
7213.10.00 (statistical code 42)
7214.20.00 (statistical code 47)
7227.90.10 (statistical code 69)
7227.90.90 (statistical code 01, 02, 04)
7228.30.10 (statistical code 70)
7228.30.90 (statistical code 40)
7228.60.10 (statistical code 72)
Inquiry Period
1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Public record documents

The public record EPR 452 includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Key dates

Submissions Due
27 December 2017
Final recommendation to the Parliamentary Secretary no later than
27 April 2018
Parliamentary Secretary's decision expected
Within 30 days of receiving the recommendation

Anti-Dumping Notices (ADNs) 

No. and link
​Termination of anti-circumvention inquiry ​26 April 2018 2018/52
​Extension of time to issue final report ​28 March 2018 2018/57
​Extension of time to issue final report ​21 February 2018 2018/29
Initiation of an anti-circumvention inquiry
20 November 2017

Key documents

No. and link
​Final Report ​26 April 2018 TER 452
Consideration Report
20 November 2017



Contacts for this Investigation  

Case manager +61 3 8539 2418
Mailing address:
The Director
Investigations 3
Anti-Dumping Commission
GPO Box 2013
Canberra ACT 2601
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