ADC 377

Dumping Investigation ADC 377 - Cooling Tower Water Treatment Controllers exported from the United States of America.

Goods Covered by the Investigation


The goods the subject of the application (the goods) are:

Industrial water treatment controllers, programmed to monitor and/or treat water in a cooling tower, with or without accessories including sensors, pumps, solenoids and modem (cooling tower water treatment controllers).

Further information on the goods:

A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that rejects waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream. Common applications of cooling towers include air conditioning for buildings and the cooling of circulating water in industrial processes.

Cooling tower water treatment controllers are units programmed to monitor water conditions (such as conductivity, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and power of hydrogen (pH) levels) in the cooling tower water and/or initiate actions required to bring the water to within the user’s desired parameters (for example, through the addition of disinfecting chemicals). A controller typically comprises a printed circuit board or boards (PCBs), connection terminals, a display screen and control panel with keypad.

The control functions of cooling tower water treatment controllers are based on inputs from probes measuring the properties of the water.

Depending on the reading from the probes, the unit signals ancillary devices such as a bleed solenoid, a feeder and/or pump/s (which are connected to the water treatment system separately as an additional system component) to drain a controlled amount of water or dose the water with the required amount of chemical(s) (for example, oxidising biocide, acid).

In addition, the goods are often equipped with internal timers which are programmed by users to send signals to ancillary devices to dose water with other chemicals when required (for example, inhibitor secondary biocide (non-oxidising), dispersant).


Case information
Case type
Dumping Investigation
Initiation date
23 January 2017
 Aquarius Technologies Pty Ltd
Tariff Classification
9032.89.80 (statistical code 90)
Investigation Period to Determine Dumping
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
Injury Examination Period
From 1 July 2009

Public Record Documents

The public record EPR 377 includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Key Dates

Initial submissions due
1 March 2017
Preliminary Affirmative determination (PAD) earliest date
24 March 2017
Updated 18 April 2017
Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) no later than
15 May 2017
Submissions to SEF due
20 days after publication of SEF
Final recommendation to the Parliamentary Secretary no later than
27 June 2017
Parliamentary Secretary's decision expected
Within 30 days of receiving the recommendation

Anti-Dumping Notices (ADNs)

No. and link
Findings in relation to a dumping investigation 28 July 2017 2017/93
Preliminary Affirmative Determination and Imposition of Securities 18 April 2017 2017/54
Initiation of Investigation
23 January 2017

Key Documents

No. and link
Final Report 28 July 2017 REP 377
Statement of Essential Facts 15 May 2017 SEF 377
Preliminary Affirmative Determination and Imposition of Securities 18 April 2017 PAD 377
Day 60 Report 23 March 2017 D60REP 377
Consideration Report
23 January 2017



Contacts for this Investigation

Case manager: +61 2 6243 7446

Mailing address:
The Director
Operations 5
Anti-Dumping Commission
GPO Box 2013
Canberra ACT 2601
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