Pre-lodgement documentation check

The Anti-Dumping Commission provides a free-of-charge document check, prior to formal lodgement, to assist applicants to ensure that their applications meet the documentary requirements.

Further information about this service is provided in Pre lodgement documentation check guidelines (Dec 2015).

How do I lodge an application?

Where dumped or subsidised imports cause (or threaten) material injury to an Australian industry producing like goods, an application can be made to have anti-dumping and or countervailing measured imposed. Applications must be made in writing, using the approved form. A non-confidential version of an application must also be provided for the Public Record. Guidelines for applicants, and the approved form and appendices, are provided below:

Once an application is lodged, the Anti-Dumping Commissioner must, within 20 days, examine the application and decide whether to reject it or initiate an investigation. In that 20 days, the Commission must determine whether there is an Australian industry producing like goods to the allegedly dumped (or subsidised) goods, and whether there are reasonable grounds for the publication of a dumping or countervailing duty notice. To assist you in understanding this process, please refer to:

If an applicant for dumping and/or countervailing duties wishes to withdraw all or part of an application, it must be done using the approved form:

Forms of dumping duty

These Guidelines set out issues to be considered when determining the form of duties that the Commission will recommend to the Minister. They are also meant to guide applicants or interested parties when preparing their applications or submissions in relation to investigations, reviews or other processes where the form of dumping duty will be considered. The forms of duty are the methods by which the amount of interim dumping duty payable on goods exported to Australia is calculated.


Information on how to make a submission to the Anti-Dumping Commission can be found here.


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