There are strict legislative requirements regarding when an application for a duty assessment can be lodged. It is highly recommended that you lodge your application well before the end of the six month period available for lodgement (at least one month before, but preferably longer). This will provide you with the opportunity to resubmit your application, within the legislated timeframe, should any deficiencies be identified and the initial application rejected.

Pre-lodgement documentation check

The Anti-Dumping Commission provides a free-of-charge document check, prior to formal lodgement, to assist applicants to ensure that their applications meet the documentary requirements.

Further information about this service is provided in Pre lodgement documentation check guidelines (Dec 2015).

How do I lodge an application?

There are a series of time frames fixed by legislation that govern the duty assessment system. An application for duty assessment must cover all shipments entered for home consumption by an importer in a specific six-month importation period. The six-month period is determined by the date of publication of the initial notice imposing the dumping duty. Where securities have been taken pending the Minister's decision, the importation period may be less than six months. An application for a duty assessment can not be lodged prior to the end of the particular six-month importation period to which it relates, but must be lodged with the Anti-Dumping Commission within six months from the end of that importation period.

Applications must be submitted in writing, using the approved form. An application, together with the required supporting evidence, should preferably be lodged by email. Alternatively, the application can be lodged by post or fax.

The attached Duty Assessment Calculation spreadsheet should be used to assist applicants to prepare a Duty Assessment application.

Section 269W of the Customs Act 1901 provides more details regarding the information and evidence required in an application for a duty assessment.



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