Continuation inquiries

What is a continuation inquiry

A continuation inquiry is undertaken by the Anti-Dumping Commission to determine whether measures, soon due to expire, should be continued.

Anti-dumping measures are imposed for a five-year period, unless earlier revoked by the Miniter or extended as a result of a continuation inquiry. At least nine months prior to the expiration of the measures the Anti-Dumping Commission advertises the expiry date and advises the original applicant of the impending expiry. The Australian industry may make application for the continuation of the measures.

Where an application demonstrates reasonable grounds for continuation of a measure, the Commission must undertake an inquiry. A notice will be published advising that an inquiry will be undertaken and inviting submissions from interested parties. The Commission must report to the Minister within 155 days.

The Commission must not recommend to the Minister that measures be continued unless it is satisfied that expiration of the anti-dumping measures would lead to a continuation, or recurrence, of the dumping or subsidisation, and of the material injury, which the measures were imposed to address.

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