Current Cases and the Electronic Public Record

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      • PAD/Day 60 Status Report – Preliminary Affirmative Decision or Status Report

      • SEF – Statement of Essential Facts

      • Final Report – Recommendation to the Minister

      • Parliamentary Secretary's Decision - Minister decides whether to impose duties

      • Finalised – Interested parties may be eligible to apply to the Anti-Dumping Review Panel (ADRP) for review


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Current Cases




Case Information

Public Record    

Latest EPR Update       Next Milestone
Alloy Round Steel Bar Investigation China ADC 384 EPR 384 09/01/2018 SEF
Aluminium Extrusions Review China ADC 392 EPR 392 10/11/2017 Finalised
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Anti-circumvention ​China (via third countries) ADC 447 ​EPR 447 16/01/2018 ​SEF
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Exemption ​Malaysia ​EX0055 ​11/12/2017 ​Final Report
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Investigation ​China & Thailand​ ADC 442 EPR 442​ 15/01/2018​​ ​SEF
Aluminium Road Wheels Accelerated Review China ADC 433 EPR 433 20/11/2017 Finalised
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel ​Continuation ​China & Korea ADC 450 EPR 450 ​10/11/2017 ​SEF
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel ​Review ​China & Korea ADC 456 EPR 456 ​09/01/2018 ​SEF
Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel Review China ADC 409 EPR 409 19/12/2017 Final Report
Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel Review China ADC 410 EPR 410 19/12/2017 Final Report
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel Accelerated Review​ ​China ADC 444 EPR 444 ​13/12/2017 Finalised
​Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Sinks Review​ China​ ADC 459 EPR 459 ​21/12/2017 SEF​​
2,4-Dichlorophenoxy-acetic Acid Continuation China ADC 430 EPR 430 10/01/2018 Final Report
Hollow Structural Sections Review China ADC 285 EPR 285 05/12/2016
Parliamentary Secretary's Decision
Hollow Structural Sections Review China, Taiwan, Korea & Malaysia ADC 419 EPR 419 17/01/2018 SEF
​Hollow Structural Sections ​Review ​Thailand ADC 445 EPR 445​ ​03/01/2018 ​PAD/Day 60 Status Report
​Hollow Structural Sections ​Accelerated Review ​Thailand ADC 451 EPR 451 ​28/11/2017 Finalised
Hot Rolled Coil Steel Continuation Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan ADC 400 EPR 400 18/12/2017 Finalised
​Hot Rolled Coil Steel ​Review ​Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan ADC 454 ​EPR 454 ​20/12/2017 SEF
​Hot Rolled Plate Steel ​Exemption ​China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea EX0058 ​16/01/2018 ​Final Report
​Pineapple (Consumer) ​Review ​Thailand ADC 453 EPR 453 ​24/11/2017 ​SEF
​Pineapple (Consumer) ​Review ​Thailand ADC 455 EPR 455 ​24/11/2017 ​SEF
Resealable Can End Closures Exemption Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore EX0054 20/07/2017 Final Report
​Resealable Can End Closures Exemption​ Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore​ ​EX0057 ​21/09/2017 ​Final Report
Rod in Coil Review China ADC 413 EPR 413 17/01/2018 Final Report
Rod in Coil Review China ADC 414 EPR 414 17/01/2018 Final Report
Rod in Coil Investigation Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam ADC 416 EPR 416 02/01/2018 SEF
Rod in Coil Review China ADC 420 EPR 420 04/08/2017 SEF
​Steel Pallet Racking ​Investigation ​China, Malaysia ADC 441 EPR 441 16/01/2018 PAD
Steel Reinforcing Bar Review China ADC 411 EPR 411 17/01/2018 Final Report
Steel Reinforcing Bar Review China ADC 412 EPR 412 17/01/2018 Final Report
Steel Reinforcing Bar Investigation

Greece, Indonesia,
Spain, Taiwan and Thailand

ADC 418 EPR 418 15/01/2018 Final Report
Steel Reinforcing Bar Review China ADC 423 EPR 423 17/01/2018 Final Report
​Steel Reinforcing Bar Anti-circumvention​ ​Korea ADC 452 EPR 452​ ​20/11/2017 ​Final Report
​Tomato Products, Prepared or Preserved ​Accelerated Review ​Italy ​ADC 443 EPR 443 ​08/01/2018​ Parliamentary Secretary's Decision
Wind Towers Investigation Vietnam ADC 405 EPR 405 09/01/2018 Final Report
​Wind Towers ​Exemption ​China EX0061​ 23/10/2017​​ ​Final Report
Wire Ropes Investigation South Africa ADC 401 EPR 401 18/12/2017 Finalised
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Continuation ​China, Korea,  and Taiwan ADC 449 EPR 449 ​10/11/2017 ​SEF
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​​China, Korea, and Taiwan ​​ADC 457 ​​EPR 457 ​17/01/2018 ​SEF
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Exemption China, Korea and Taiwan  EX0056 ​04/12/2017 ​Final Report

The Electronic Public Record

The Electronic Public Record (EPR) is provided as a supplement to the 'official' public record of dumping and countervailing inquiries conducted by the Anti-Dumping Commission.  The official public record is held at 55 Collins Street in Melbourne.



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