Current Cases and the Electronic Public Record

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Current Cases




Case Information

Public Record

​Latest EPR Update      
​A4 Copy Paper ​Investigation ​China, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand ADC 341 EPR 341 ​16/03/2017
​Alloy Round Steel Bar ​Investigation ​China ADC 384 EPR 384 ​24/03/2017
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Investigation ​Malaysia and Vietnam ADC 362 EPR 362 ​22/03/2017
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Exemption China​ ​EX0038 ​07/09/2015
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Accelerated Review ​China ADC 387 ​EPR 387 ​03/02/2017
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Accelerated Review ​China ADC 391 EPR 391​ ​02/03/2017​
​Aluminium Extrusions ​Review ​China ADC 392 EPR 392 ​24/03/2017
​Aluminium Road Wheels Continuation​ China​ ADC 378​ EPR 378​ 24/03/2017
​Aluminium Road Wheels ​Exemption ​China EX0051 ​06/03/2017
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel ​Review ​China ADC 367 EPR 367 ​15/03/2017
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel ​Review ​China ADC 372 EPR 372 15/03/2017
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel ​Review ​China ADC 375 EPR 375​​ 15/03/2017
​Aluminium Zinc Coated Steel ​​Review ​Korea ADC 385​ EPR 385​ 17/03/2017​​
​Cooling Tower Water Treatment Controllers ​Investigation ​United States of America ADC 377 EPR 377 ​24/03/2017
​Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Sinks ​Review ​China ADC 352 EPR 352​ ​21/11/2016
​Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Sinks ​Exemption ​China EX0047​ 25/01/2017
​Grinding Balls ​Exemption ​China EX0052 ​09/03/2017
​Hollow Structural Sections ​Review ​China ​ADC 285 ​EPR 285 05/12/2016
Hollow Structural Sections ​Exemption

China, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan

EX 0042

EX 0044



​Hollow Structural Sections ​Investigation - Resumption ​India & U.A.E ADC 320 EPR 320 ​15/03/2017
​Hollow Structural Sections ​Continuation ​China, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan ADC 379 EPR 379 21/03/2017
​Hollow Structural Sections ​Review ​China, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan ADC 381 EPR 381 ​06/12/2016
​Hollow Structural Sections ​Accelerated Review ​Thailand ADC 382 EPR 382 ​28/02/2017
​Hot Rolled Coil Steel ​Exemption ​Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan EX 0048 ​06/02/2017
​Hot Rolled Plate Steel ​Exemption ​China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan ​EX0050 23/01/2017​​
​Pineapple (FSI) ​Review ​Thailand ADC 373 EPR 373 ​23/03/2017
​Pineapple (Consumer) ​Accelerated Review ​Thailand ADC 397 EPR 397 ​07/03/2017
​Power Transformers Review​ ​Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand ADC 383 EPR 383​ 17/03/2017​​
​Quicklime ​Investigation ​Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam ADC 348 EPR 348​​ 24/11/2016
​Resealable Can End Closures Investigation​ ​India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore​ ADC 350 EPR 350


​Steel Reinforcing Bar ​Review ​Spain ADC 380 EPR 380​ ​21/02/2017

​Steel Shelving Units

​Investigation ​China ADC 355 ​EPR 355 23/02/2017
​Tomato Products, Prepared or Preserved Reinvestigation ​Italy ​EPR 360 ​06/10/2016
Tomato Products, Prepared or Preserved
​Review ​Italy ​ADC 349 EPR 349 ​​08/08/2016
​Tomato Products, Prepared or Preserved ​Review ​Italy ADC 354 EPR 354​ ​21/03/2017
​Tomato Products, Prepared or Preserved ​Accelerated Review ​Italy ADC 398 EPR 398 ​24/03/2017
​​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​China and Taiwan ​ADC 365 EPR 365 ​16/03/2017
​​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​China and Taiwan ADC 366 EPR 366 ​15/03/2017
​​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​China and Taiwan ADC 368 EPR 368 ​16/03/2017
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Investigation India, Malaysia​ and Vietnam ​ADC 370 EPR 370​ ​​20/03/2017
​​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​China and Taiwan ADC 371 EPR 371 15/03/2017
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​China and Taiwan ADC 374 ​EPR 374 15/03/2017
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​China and Taiwan ADC 376 EPR 376 15/03/2017
​Zinc Coated (Galvanised) Steel ​Review ​Korea ADC​ 386 EPR 386 17/03/2017​​

The Electronic Public Record

The Electronic Public Record (EPR) is provided as a supplement to the 'official' public record of dumping and countervailing inquiries conducted by the Anti-Dumping Commission.  The official public record is held at 55 Collins Street in Melbourne.



Please review the Commission's disclaimer here.

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