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Analysis of the impacts of the US tariffs on steel and aluminium products

The Commissioner has led an analysis of the potential for displaced steel and aluminium to be diverted to Australia as a result of additional tariffs imposed by the United States on steel and aluminium products, and potential impacts. The Commissioner has prepared a draft Commissioner’s Note, outlining his views on the potential impacts, in conjunction with other Government agencies. To inform the Note, the Anti-Dumping Commission (the Commission) engaged Cadence Economics (Cadence) to conduct economic modelling on the likely trade diversion and subsequent impacts on Australia. Members of the International Trade Remedies Forum (ITRF) were invited to provide input, including comments on the modelling, which has been reflected in the Note.

A copy of Cadence’s Report is at Attachment 1. Further details on Cadence’s modelling is at Attachment 2.

The Commission now invites interested parties to provide comments on the draft Note before it is finalised.  Comments should be sent by email to by cob Thursday 26 July 2018.


2017 Analysis of Australia's Steel Manufacturing and Fabricating Markets

Building on its 2016 analysis of primary steel markets, the Anti-Dumping Commission (the Commission) has prepared a report on Australia’s steel manufacturing and fabricating markets.

Australia’s steel manufacturing and fabricating markets


2016 Analysis of Steel and Aluminium Markets

On 9 September 2016, the Government released an economic analysis of Asian steel and aluminium markets prepared by the Commission.

Analysis of Steel and Aluminium Markets Report


Protocol between the Anti-Dumping Commission and the Department of Home Affairs 

The following document sets out the agreed working arrangements between the Commission and the Department of Home Affairs to ensure there is an effective collaborative approach to monitoring potential non-compliance and circumvention of anti-dumping measures.

Protocol between the Commission and the Department of Home Affairs


Proposed operational improvements to the Anti-Dumping System

The analysis reflects current market conditions and informed a range of proposed improvements to the operation of the anti-dumping system. These operational changes will improve the integrity of decisions and the effectiveness of the anti-dumping and countervailing system and include:

  • Implementation of a new investigations model to improve the timeliness, quality and evidence base for the Commissioner of Anti-Dumping Commission’s (Commissioner) decisions and recommendations on dumping and subsidisation matters.
  • Adoption of a more active, risk based approach to address proven circumvention activities, including through:
    • retrospective implementation of anti-circumvention measures (to the initiation of the inquiry)
    • sufficiently broad modifications to the goods description.
  • Facilitation of a stronger whole of government approach to compliance, including enhanced collaboration between the Commission and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Enhancing the Commission’s market intelligence capability to conduct targeted research and market analysis, support investigations, strengthen the evidence-base for the Commissioner’s decisions, and pro-actively identify issues relevant to the effectiveness of the trade remedies system.
  • Strengthening access to and use of international information by developing sharing protocols.
  • Strengthening access to and use of Australian industry expertise in investigations by engaging an independent steel and aluminium industry expert to provide technical and market advice.
  • Improving the efficiency of operations by delegating Ministerial powers to make the final decisions in duty assessments and to grant extensions to investigation timeframes to the Commissioner.

These changes were announced at the International Trade Remedies Forum on 9 September 2016. A copy of the slides from a presentation at that meeting is available here. Further information on the International Trade Remedies Forum is available on the ITRF page.


2015 reforms to the anti-dumping system

On 2 November 2015 a range of reforms to the anti-dumping system commenced. A fact sheet explaining the reforms can be found here


Australian Legislation

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