Dumping and Subsidy Manual

The Dumping and Subsidy Manual (Manual) explains the practices used by the Anti-Dumping Commission (Commission) in administering the anti-dumping and countervailing system. It aims to promote a consistent approach in work undertaken by the Commission.

In April 2017, a targeted update of the Manual was completed which focused on explaining and clarifying a number of key areas of the Commission’s current policy and practice. The update incorporated a consultation period for interested stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed amendments.

On 31 October 2017, section 269TAB of the Customs Act was amended. The amendments only apply to reviews of measures carried out under Division 5 of Part XVB of the Customs Act. For further information, see Anti-Dumping Notice No.2018/03. The amendments are not yet reflected in the Dumping and Subsidy Manual.


 The following draft chapter will be incorporated into the Manual during the next review:

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